Ah, yes my New Year's post!


I know, I know, an odd list...but just follow me on this one and ignore my flawed grammar!!

I have met hundreds of new people this year and I am beyond blessed to call you all my dear friends! I make business personal...it's just who I am. Maybe that's a fault of mine but I thrive off of beautiful connections with beautiful people!! I love hearing your stories and watching your lives grow and bloom.

Here we go! What goals have you set this year?

Goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year seem to be all around us. Weight loss, budgeting, saving, business or personal goals and lots more! You don't always have goals that you just complete one and done. So these are the goals I work on continually but that I have STILL made for myself again this year.

IMPACTFULNESS: Making an IMPACT while making an income. I want to have an impact....on a person, on people or on life period. Setting goals to not only make an income but to be IMPACTFUL while doing so. Striving to always leave people better than when I met them.

INTENTIONALITY: Not only being aware of what needs to be done to promote growth but doing it unapologetically and with grace. I want to run towards my goals and the life I am trying to create with full INTENTION of getting it accomplished. INTENTIONALLY heading in the direction of growth and taking anyone I can UP with me!

SELF DISCIPLINE: Accountability, decisiveness, self-awareness and restraint. Sounds, uhm, fun...right?!

Holding ourselves accountable is a hard thing for us to do. Sometimes excuses are easy. "Oh I don't have time" or "whoops I forgot." No. You have the time and you really didn't forget. Yes, we are busy but lets be real and understand that we have to make our own self accountable for our slip ups or mistakes. On the other hand, we also know that WE MAKE OURSELVES successful. Stop sitting around waiting for it to fall in your lap. It's. Not. Going. To. Happen! It is our decision to take the jump or to take a step back. It's the decision to say "I'm doing this no matter what." You also have to have the self-awareness to say these are the things I have to do to get there. Then the restraint to know that it does not happen over night. The restraint to not give up or give in to doubts.

Some days your biggest fans might be your biggest doubters and THAT'S OK! It's ok that people doubt you. It's life. It's ok that people doubt you then start believing in you again. That's also life. What's not ok....is doubting yourself.

I hope your year is full of success and intention. I hope you grow and thrive and create one phenomenal year for yourself and your family. I hope you blossom from grace and impactful moments.

Here's to a beautiful new year!! Happy 2020 loves!!


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