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Wife, dog lover (collector), photographer, nature lover and coffee addict.

Running a business doesn't always mean business. My favorite part of being my own boss is the ability to make it personal and create a connection with my clients. My goal is to let you get to know the woman behind the camera!

My story...

I am a lover of dogs, planners, flowers and watercolors. Fall is of course my favorite along with pie! I am a coffee addict and have an unhealthy collection of coffee mugs. Sunsets and pasta make me happy. Sweet tea is my lifeline. Gardening is therapy and I also my chickens. I enjoy shopping for office supplies and I have a favorite pen! One minute I'm in a blazer and makeup, then the next is a ball cap and boots.

Our story...

My husband, Bryceson, and I have collected five beautiful dogs that are basically our children. We live in rural southern Illinois on our farm or as we like to call it our circus! When we met our first date was a Garth Brooks concert in Memphis, TN. It obviously went well because we got married seven months later in Gatlinburg, TN! We fish, we farm, we hunt and most important of all, we love!

How Boulder Creek was born...

Growing up professional photography was never a thought let alone a career choice. I had a career in banking for years. Photography started out as a hobby and a way to express myself creatively. There came a point in my life where I felt stagnant with my career in lending and banking. I left banking and decided to change my focus. As my photography skills grew, so did my passion and desire to step out of my comfort zone. With inspiration from my husband I made the move to start my own business and Boulder Creek Photography was born.

My passion...

Wedding Photography! It's my jam!! I LOVE LOVE weddings. I love meeting couples who are freshly engaged and capturing the best part of their lives! I mean it's the best ever!! Click over to Boulder Creek Weddings to find out more!


Courtney Page

"Allow passion to become your purpose, and one day it will become your profession."